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During the summer of 2017, I lived in a dorm on the UAF campus in order to focus on writing my dissertation. At the close of the summer, based on the response of my committee, I felt that the penultimate draft was close to completion. As soon as I requested Jennifer Ward’s services to edit the dissertation, I was very impressed by her consistent professionalism, her prompt and cheerful responses to queries and the very thorough, consistent review of my work. She is highly adept at formatting large documents in Microsoft Word according to published guidelines, including hyperlinks for the table of contents, headers and footers as well as tables, figures and images. She is also an APA style expert. The final two months of preparing the dissertation for the defense, were very challenging and often stressful. It was very difficult to respond to suggestions from committee member in a timely fashion, especially with the compressed time frame. With every iteration that required Jennifer’s services, she returned the manuscript well before the deadline. Thanks to her editing skills and eye for detail, the final manuscript was accepted for publication by the UAF Graduate School.

Scott Christian, PhD


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