These are the ways I can help you

As your developing editor I serve as a consultant and reader outside of your committee to help with some or all of the following:

organization of your thesis
checking for consistency
catching errors
making recommendations
helping you develop your voice
making sure you are following your committee guidelines for your manuscript
smoothing the narrative
providing sage structural advice
APA writing style guidelines
citing sources
beginning formatting

Developing Editor / Consultant

As your developing editor you might hire me on retainer for three months while we work over your manuscript back and forth until it takes the form and shape you want it to have. I can motivate you to write, be highly responsive to your questions and needs, and provide invaluable feedback as an outside reader and expert with over 10 years of experience writing academic research and teaching APA writing style.


(Pricing depends on length of contract, length of manuscript, hours, demand, and expertise devoted)

Pre-Review Editor

As your pre-review editor I will help you get your manuscript near-perfect before your committee reads and reviews it for comments and recommendations.  

At this stage your manuscript is close to ready and relatively clean, you just need assistance with things like the following:

catching errors,
APA style consistency,
creating the Table of Contents,
organizing figures and tables,
copyediting the content.


As a pre-review editor I read the entire paper and provide very detailed feedback as I catch errors and problems. This is a highly time-intensive process requiring focused expertise for creating a near to perfect document.  

Normally this is a separate service due to the amount of time it can take to not only make sure the references are synched up in both directions, but also that references are correctly cited in style and format.

A final detailed close-read through before your final submission designed to catch any final errors and issues in formatting, or, as a final proofread after committee edits. This  service can be negotiated as part of your developing or pre-review editing contract, or agreed upon as an hourly charge separately. 

Checking References and Citations
(a la carte)
Formatting Services
(a la carte)
Open to all inquiries

Formatting of your entire manuscript to make sure it is consistent, with proper headings related to your citation style (APA specialty), pagination, Table of Contents, tables, figures, appendices, font and spacing, references list. Or just minor formatting tweaks as needed.

If English is not your first language. 


If you have very little to very extensive editing needs. 


If you are just curious to find out more about if I can help. I look forward to hearing from you.


Pricing of services will be supplied upon request.


Editing services will be provided on a contractual basis so that the guidelines and expectations of the work are very clearly understood by both parties.

To learn more, send me a note.

T: 907-957-1566

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